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Unsafe Structures

If an existing building or a damaged building endangers the public health or safety, the Building Official may vacate the building, and may order the owner of the property to remove, repair, or secure the unsafe building.


Existing Buildings
If you are concerned that an existing building has become deteriorated, improperly maintained, a fire hazard, dangerous to life, or dangerous to the public welfare, contact the Osceola County Building Office at 407-742-0200.


Damaged Buildings (Natural Events or Major Incidents)
If a building is damaged as a result of fire, vehicle collision, fallen trees, or storm damage, and it is an EMERGENCY situation, contact Public Safety at 911. Only dial 911 in an emergency. The incident commander that responds to the scene will determine if an Emergency Inspection is required by the Building Office. A Building Inspector will respond to the scene to determine if the building is unfit for human occupancy and/or an unsafe structure. 

If a structure has been posted as unsafe, this means the Building Official has declared the structure is not safe to occupy. If you choose to occupy the structure you are doing so at your own risk.