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Flood Warning System

In the event of flood potential, the County receives notification from the Office of Emergency Management and certain departments are alerted. The National Weather Service is responsible for issuing the appropriate warning through the NOAA Weather Radio. This same process alerts local news media sources (radio and television) to distribute instructions to the public. If necessary, Fire and Law Enforcement officials may notify area residents by door-to-door personal contact, telephone, and use of sirens and public address systems. During significant storms, Emergency Management monitors storm updates to pass information on to media sources for distribution.

Osceola County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The Osceola County EOC works with the National Weather Service, the State of Florida and the National Hurricane Center to monitor flood and storm threats and advise the community accordingly.

Our Flood Alert Notification system, ALERT Osceola, is powered by Everbridge and provides additional early notice of a flood threat including Tornado Warnings with an optional Severe Thunderstorm Warning feature.

To be sure you receive emergency notifications, sign-up for ALERT Osceola here:

Osceola County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

When a storm or flood threatens to affect the County, staff monitors the event, relying on information from EOC officials and the National Weather Service for detailed and site specific information regarding storm conditions and flood threats. The National Weather Service issues updates, warnings. Any evacuation recommendation would come from the Office of Emergency Management.

All over-the-air television stations servicing the Osceola County area receive notification from the EOC for broadcast in the event of a threat. In addition, all satellite and cable television providers and all major AM and FM band radio stations available in Osceola County provide immediate notification on all channels upon identification of a threat by the EOC or the NWS.