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The mission of the Osceola County Stormwater Section is to provide flood protection, improve water quality and ensure the protection of the County's surface waters through coordination, monitoring, maintenance and management of stormwater systems in an efficient and cost effective manner based on the best available science in order to maximize the benefit to the citizens and tax payers of Osceola County.

What Is a Stormwater System?

Stormwater systems are as old as Florida's natural landscape. Long ago, before the land was developed, Florida was an area with numerous wetlands, also known as swamps or marshes. Wetlands serve as stormwater control systems in two ways:

  • Helps control flooding by slowing down storm surges and absorbing rain
  • Filters out nutrients and sediments collected by stormwater as it runs over the earth's surface

Development by humans has led to the destruction, filling and paving over wetlands which has reduced the storage and treatment capacity of stormwater.

Fortunately, in the early 1980s, the Florida Legislature recognized the pollution and flood potential of stormwater runoff and passed laws requiring treatment and storage of stormwater. Neighborhood stormwater systems were established to mimic the natural role of wetlands. Furthermore, restoration and regional projects have demonstrated that with proper treatment the detrimental effects of stormwater pollution and runoff can be reversed.

What Is Stormwater Management?

Stormwater management is the practice of managing stormwater runoff in order to avoid water quantity and quality problems. Effective stormwater management will collect runoff which will help prevent flooding and enhance water quality by filtering pollutants like nutrients, heavy metals and sediment.