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Sub Basin Studies


What is a sub basin study? A sub basin study includes analysis of existing drainage conditions and recommended improvements, investigation of the feasibility of reusing stormwater for non-potable water needs, and development basin-specific Best Management Practices (BMPs) for maintaining or improving water quality. Project recommendations are generally a regional scale approach to correct existing deficiencies and prevent additional impacts.

Why are studies important? A sub basin study is the first critical step to address drainage and water quality issues in largely developed areas. As science and engineering have developed, stormwater regulations have changed to lessen impacts of the stormwater on structures, infrastructure and surface waters. Many of the older populated areas within the County were built either without a master stormwater system or with a limited stormwater system. In order to adequately address deficiencies, a regional evaluation approach is needed to ensure that all the connected issues are addressed simultaneously. As an added benefit, County infrastructure project cost is reduced due to more accurate and easily accessible data.

When are studies initiated? The County tries to initiate a new study every 2years in accordance with the current Comprehensive Plan. The actual implementation of study recommendations depends upon feasibility, funding, and staff. There are over 50 sub basins within Osceola County’s Urban Growth Boundary. Priority rankings of the sub basin studies are based in large part on the number and severity of issues, population affected and development pressure. The ranking criterion is set forth in the Comprehensive Plan and is applied based on the findings of the Master Surface Water Management Plan which is to be updated every 5 years.


  • Pleasant Hill - 1993 (Critical projects were completed)
  • East City Ditch - 1997 (Critical projects were completed)
  • Gator Bay - 2001 (Critical projects were completed)
  • Bass Slough - 2003 (Critical projects were completed)

Boggy Creek Basin Study: Initiated in 2004, Completed 2005
Some drainage improvements were completed, more to be scheduled in the future Capital Improvement Plans (CIP). Projects are not currently funded.

Ox Pond Basin Study: Initiated in 2006, Completed 2007
One drainage improvement recommendation was completed through as a joint project with the current land owner. CIP submittals for recommended improvements have been submitted. Projects are not currently funded.

To be able to address some localized issues, smaller area studies are also performed when a full sub basin study is not feasible.

  • Sherwood Forest
  • East Lake Cove
  • Ham Brown Road Area