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Solid Waste Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a non-ad valorem assessment?
A non-ad valorem assessment (also known as a special assessment) is a charge to cover the cost of providing a service or improvement, based on the relative amount of benefit received. Special assessments are typically not related to ad valorem value.


2. What period of time does the assessment cover and when will the assessment be payable?
Special assessments are re-imposed annually and will cover the period of October 1 – September 30 of each fiscal year. It is payable, as part of your tax bill, each year between November 1 and March 31. However, payment must be received by February 28 to receive any discount.


3. The notice states that failure to pay the assessment will cause a tax certificate to be issued against the assessed property. But I pay all my taxes so why does it state that I will lose my home?
This language is required to be in compliance with Florida Statutes (197.3632). No lien will be placed if paid.


4. What is the Solid Waste MSBU?
It is the program that funds curbside trash, recycle, and yard waste collection once a week for each service.


5. I live in the rural area and I don’t get the same garbage service as urban customers. Do I pay the same rate?
Yes. The proposed rate is the same rate as the urban rate.


6. I own a business in Osceola County and dispose of my household waste at my place of business. How do I claim a Solid Waste exemption?
Please provide Special Assessments with a copy of your occupational license or a copy of the last trash invoice for your business, and a copy of the tax bill you are requesting a solid waste exemption for.


7. I received a discount for early payment of my taxes. Will I receive the same discount for my Solid Waste assessment?
Yes. The same discounts and penalties applicable to ad valorem taxes have been applied to the Solid Waste assessment.


8. How is my solid waste assessment calculated on my tax bill?
The assessment is computed by multiplying the number of dwelling units on each parcel by the assessment rate.


9. What is the Household Chemical program?
The County's Household Chemical program provides for the proper disposal of common household chemicals such as anti-freeze, paint, oil, grease, batteries, etc. at various drop-off locations throughout the County. This $4.00 assessment fulfills the unfunded State mandate for Residents to be able to take their household chemicals to the drop-off locations. It is not new and has been in existence since 2003 with no change in the rate. There is no charge at time of disposal because an assessment was collected through the annual tax bill. The Household Chemical MSBU assessment is levied upon all residential properties in the County which includes the City of Kissimmee, the City of St. Cloud and the unincorporated area.


10. Is the assessment rate for Household Chemical $4,000?
No, the rate is $4.00 per year. The Household Chemical Assessment requires the decimal to be carried out four places on the notice which causes the rate to appear as $4.0000. While this is confusing, the assessment is proposed at $4.00.