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Submit a Revision to a Permit

Sometimes it is necessary to submit corrections or design changes to your permit. These are categorized as revisions.

Note: After a permit has been FINALED, it cannot be revised - a new permit must be applied for.

Revision Fees

There is no charge for the first revision you submit while your permit is pending (not issued).

Subsequent revisions are charged at a rate of $16 per revised plan sheet. 

Revision Checklist

  •  Attach a Transmittal Cover Letter (available at the bottom of this page) that includes your permit number and contact info.
  • Include a Revision Narrative document that clearly states the reviewer's comments and what action you have taken to address it / what changes you have made.
  • Include a Revised Index Sheet that lists all the drawings that have been revised.
  • Submit only one (1) set of revised files. We no longer require 3 copies.
  • Revised drawings must include all the changes clouded and clearly identified with revision dates.
  • Allow at least two weeks for your revision to be processed and reviewed.

Revisions will be reviewed in the order they are received. Approval will be given once the drawings are in compliance with the building code. Each revision must be approved, printed and posted on the job site for the inspectors to view.


If you need assistance in determining the status of your revision you may call our Building Office at 407-742-0200.