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Commercial Fees

Archival Fee

  • 3% of Building Permit Fee.

Building Permit Fee

  • Based on the calculated valuation cost of the building and applying fee multipliers as per Osceola County Fees Resolution. The calculated valuation of the building is determined by multiplying the building gross area by the unit cost of construction Building Gross Area X Unit Cost of Construction depending on the construction type and occupancy of the building as per the Building Valuation Data published by the International Code Council ICC and dated August 2005.

Building Plan Review Fee

  • Calculated at a rate of 50% of the Building Permit Fee. This fee is additional to the Building Fee and is due at the time of permit application.

Fire Plan Review Fee

  • 0.001 x construction costs $20.00 minimum

Radon Fee

  • 2.5 % or $4.00 whichever is greater of the permit fee. 

Technology Fee

  • 3% of Building Permit Fee

Transportation Impact Fee